Tipping in Uber application confirmed!

Back when I announced the breaking news that Uber was going to be adding a tipping option, people had their doubts. Well it is now being confirmed in multiple media outlets that Uber is, in fact, adding a tipping option to the application.

The tipping option will be rolled out to a few cities at first and then to all cities by the end of July. This is part of Uber’s “180 days of change” initiative. I will have more on this “180 days of change” and what it means for drivers later. But this was too big to not post immediately.

And you can now remember where you saw it first. On Ridesharedan.com!

RideShareDan June Contest $10 Uber/Lyft credit.

I am announcing the RideShareDan.com June contest. The rules are simple.

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I will randomly select one of the people who have retweeted the pinned tweet sometime on 7/1/2017. That person will get a $10 Uber gift card OR a $10 Lyft gift card (their choice). All you need is a valid email address that I can send the credit to.

IF I get to 1000 followers on Twitter and 1000 subscribers on Youtube by the end of the contest, I will select 5 people at random instead of 1 to get a $10 gift card to their choice of Uber or Lyft.

It is that simple.

Kenner City Council reconsiders ordinance.

After passing legislation that would have run ride sharing out of the city, the KennerCouncil voted to reconsider and then defer the ordinance passed last Thursday. It will be discussed at the next regular meeting. So as of right now it is as if no ordinance was passed.

I spoke to Mayor Zahn who said that the amendments to that legislation will be posted online soon. From what I gather it will remove the requirements to have an occupational license and eliminate the fee structure from the airport that Uber objected to.

If passed as amended it seems that Uber and Lyft would agree to the wording and Ride sharing would no longer be at risk in Kenner.