Cargo: Another way to earn money while ridesharing.

Do you drive for #Uber or #Lyft? Want to supplement your income during rides? Cargo gives you, the driver, the power to do so. With no costs to you, ever, Cargo will send you a collection of products to offer to your customers and a container to hold them in securely. Some of these products are “premium” items and will cost the customer money. Others are free samples that your customer can order at no cost. When you sell these products you make additional money on top of the money you earn driving around. What is even better, the container tells the customers where to go online to buy the products. Cargo sends you a text showing what items are purchased and then you can dispense them to your riders.

There are a lot of companies with ideas on how to make your ride sharing experience more lucrative. Some follow through and others are not so great. Personally, I believe that Cargo will be one of those companies that will benefit all ride sharing drivers. And I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. It has not launched yet in New Orleans. However, once 1000 people in the city of New Orleans do sign up, they will launch. So, to help encourage the launch I am offering a $50 gift card to one random person who gets approved by Cargo using my referral link. This is not anything that Cargo is doing. I am doing this myself. So please go to and sign up today. You do not need to live in New Orleans to qualify for my giveaway. However, you do need to sign up (for free) using my referral code. And one Cargo launches in New Orleans and all the people who signed up with my code are approved, I will give away that $50 gift card.

I will announce the winner on my Ridesharedan Facebook page. Make sure to like that page.

RideShareDan June Contest $10 Uber/Lyft credit.

I am announcing the June contest. The rules are simple.

  1. Follow @RideShareDan on Twitter.
  2. Subscribe to the RideShareDan Youtube Channel
  3. Retweet this pinned tweet.

I will randomly select one of the people who have retweeted the pinned tweet sometime on 7/1/2017. That person will get a $10 Uber gift card OR a $10 Lyft gift card (their choice). All you need is a valid email address that I can send the credit to.

IF I get to 1000 followers on Twitter and 1000 subscribers on Youtube by the end of the contest, I will select 5 people at random instead of 1 to get a $10 gift card to their choice of Uber or Lyft.

It is that simple.