Think twice before paying someone to drive you around to play Pokemon Go!

I have seen a couple of articles recently about how inventive people are deciding to offer their services to people who want to be driven around “safely” while playing Pokemon go. They will charge $25 an hour  and will go from place to place in the Pokemon Go world to help you catch them all.

But you should be very careful as someone seeing a ride while playing your game. Make sure you know the rules of your state before jumping into some strangers car who has gone through no background check at all.

State laws have certain requirements placed on people who drive people around for profit. It is possible that some of these people who are charging $25 an hour are not doing so legitimately. For example, in Louisiana there are certain requirements placed on drivers operating in a transportation network (TNC). There are also other requirements placed on drivers who are operating for profit but not in a TNC. If your driver is not a TNC driver (who in Louisiana must facilitate the ride through an app) then the driver will have likely been required to go through several other steps. If they haven’t, they are driving illegally.

Also, in Louisiana Uber and Lyft are required to have insurance covering passengers. If your person giving you a “Pokeride” is not driving under the umbrella of Uber or Lyft and an accident happens, it is possible that the driver’s personal insurance might not cover your damages either. And if your driver doesn’t have a lot of net worth, well, you could suffer a personal loss because you cant recover from the driver.

This is why I urge everyone trying to get a ride to do ridesharing to make sure to go through Uber or Lyft or make sure that your driver has the proper licence and insurance to be operating commercially in the area where you are catching them all.

Do you play #PokemonGo in #NewOrleans

#PokeRides are here! Are you hunting #Pokemon playing #PokemonGo in the #NewOrleans area? Maybe you live here. Maybe you are travelling here for fun or business and want to play a little Pokemon Go while you are here. Let me be your guide.

If you didn’t know, Pokemon Go was developed by Ingress and many of the PokeStops and Gyms are in the same places as the Ingress portals are. In fact, Ingress portals and PokeStops share the exact same picture.

I am a level 16 player in Ingress (currently the highest level). I have been playing since December of 2014. I know many of the high concentration locations of Ingress portals. This means I will also know where to go to get some good Pokemon Go play time in.

Furthermore, if you haven’t used Uber or Lyft before, just clicking on the Uber or Lyft logos on my front page will get you credits to make your initial rides cheaper. My van fits 6 additional people. Your group could get many cheaper rides if they all signed up for codes and used them effectively.

If you would like to schedule a “PokeRide” with me to take a group of 6 people around the city, please use the contact form below and we will work something out. I will be coordinating with other trusted drivers/players in the city as well if for some reason I  cannot make the time that you would like.