Welcome To RideShareDan.com

My name is Dan. I currently do some part time driving. Sometimes I do it for Uber and sometimes I do it for Lyft. The idea for this website was twofold. I wanted a way to be able to have new riders get their credits without having to type in codes. I also wanted to be able to give riders the opportunity to leave a tip if they choose to do so. And so, I registered the domain (and to my surprise it was available!) .

There is so much more to discuss with the ride sharing industry so in the weeks and months to come I will be blogging about the ride sharing industry including what I feel are good tips for drivers, good tips for riders, the legal issues surrounding this new and exciting market, and everything in between.

I will also be adding more content including ways for regular passengers to connect, a better feedback feature so that I can find out how to best improve the service I give as a driver, and other features that I may feel are interesting. Until then, welcome!